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Athlete Recommendations

Grant Hackett
The 1500m is a gruelling swimming event for just over 14 minutes. Adding Magdalena and sports hypnosis to my team has made swimming so much more easy and enjoyable. Not to mention how much I enjoy winning!
Cam Bolton
With the all injuries I have had from snowboarding, I was riding with a little hesitation. Unfortunately you really don't get to think with my sport, it's more reactions then time to process any move. Without the help of sports hypnosis, I would still be in or falling out of the top 10 in the world.
This is the year that I need to play my best in order to realise my dream of playing in the NBA. I have been really inconsistent in the past, so I was referred to Magdalena and it's been amazing. So far this is the best season of my college career.
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